Bottle Rinsing Machine


(1) Machine dimension : L. 5000mm x W. 1200mm x H. 2000mm.
(2) Power source: 220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase.
(3) Air consumption: 5kg/cm².
(4) Capacity : 50 BPM (Bottle Per Minute) based on 500ml bottle.
(5) Machine main construction by stainless steel SUS 304.
(6) Thermoplastic slat chains conveyor (Netherlands, REXNORD brand).
(7) Variable speed AC Motor (Siemens brand) with Italian gear box.
(8) Mitsubishi PLC control system (Japan made).
(9) Rinsing Station :   - Stainless steel rinsing nozzle.
                                    - Adjustable for different height of bottle / container.
(10) The machine is not included air compressor.
(11) Acrylic safety guards width folding type safety doors.
(12) Photocell sensor (Germany, SICK brand).
(13) Pneumatic Parts (Germany, FESTO brand).
(14) Water Rinsing Station for cleaning the empty bottles before filling jobs.
            For clamping bottles / containers and deliver them to water rinsing station.
             Twelve (12) bottles are clampled up by the bottle body clampers each washing
             cycle.  Use with rotary air cylinder to turn 12 botttles by 135 degree and wash
             bottles.  The cleaned 12 bottle are released from the bottle body clamper onto
             outlet conveyor to filling machine, and go on next water washing cycle again.
             The water rinsing station is equipped with 12 water washing nozzles.
             For different height bottle, the height of bottle holding assembly can be
             adjusted through a hand wheel.
       (15) The water can be used recycle, the water recycle system is not included.
       (16) The rinsing water can be cold water or hot water, it should be prepared by the buyer.
    (17) Water pump is not included.